Thursday, May 14, 2009

More Museum Pics

These pictures of the circus have a wonderful story behind them. This is a working circus carved by one man Park's Circus. It is a miniature circus that is very old. Most of the pieces work as they should while some need to be fixed. One thing I noticed because I am becoming more race aware especially when G is with me, the audience in the carving is split. White audience members are on the largest side looking directly at the center ring. The end has all of the black audience members, segregated. It made me sad when I realized it. I had seen this as a child and then being somewhat colorblind I didn't even notice. This time I did. Still it is a feat to behold that someone would take that amount of time to carve a circus down to the tent where the circus workers/performers would eat.

Monkeys in the cage.

Tent pegs and the big top.
Trapeze artists and other perfomers in the big top.

G in front of the civil war weapons display.

One room cabin from the early founding days of big city next to us.

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